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Improving your digital communication solutions for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic implies huge risks not only on global health but also on global economic conditions. In efforts to lower the pace of spreading coronavirus, anti-gathering, quarantine laws, and recommendations were introduced. Consequently, a wave of cancellations of international events, client meetings, business fairs, and scientific conferences spread over all countries and industries.

This of course, leaves it mark on the business model of life science industries. Thus, it is necessary to rethink all communication channels and adopt to a new reality. More and more companies have adapted to the new circumstances and have begun communicating via digital channels, by organizing video conferences or virtual meetings. These mediums for communication are likely to stay as the main distance communication means even after the direct COVID-19 outbreak is over.

However, using the digital methods of communicating mentioned above put even more demand on creating clear, impactful, and high-quality visual content. Content which can explain your company’s technology or product in the most efficient and engaging way and can convey the right message even without the personal presence of your marketing or sales material. This is even more important for medical companies where the core technology can be sometimes difficult to explain in only a few words. Furthermore, since great visual content, like explainer animation, cannot be knocked out by any biological virus, it delivers the same, well-crafted message 24/7 in the same effective way.

Additional advantages of having high quality visual content are:

- Using clear infographics and impactful illustrations in your video meeting presentations, social media marketing, or website content allows you to squeeze in more information within a shorter time. Research shows that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

- Visuals make your presentations memorable. Using images improves the retention, 3-5 more people recall visual content than spoken or written information.

- Visuals make your content more engaging. Including colorful visuals in your content increases the willingness to read your text by 80%!

- Visuals make your instruction more comprehensive. People following instructions with text and illustrations perform over 300% better than people following only text.

Hyperfine Studios can help you to produce high quality visual content which presents and explains your technology, products, or service in a professional, engaging, and effective way. We can produce digital content which can be delivered across various digital platforms or learning applications. We can produce content which you will be proud to present on many occasions and platforms such as:

- Virtual conferences and client meetings

- Partnering or investor pitches

- E-learning platforms for patients or as training for your sales and sales representative team

- Product demonstrations

- PR and media


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