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Gradientech Rapid antibiotics testing


Hyperfine Studios partnered with Gradientech to create visual assets to showcase their ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing device. Together with the client we have identified the visual means which in the best way display their advanced technology and products. Finally an explanation animation, hero video and still images for the website were produced.


Gradientech’s technology makes use of a microfluidic device to create a linear gradient of a desired substance, for example antibiotics. The main challenge was to use visual assets to explain in a simple and engaging way the linear gradient is created and its unique preposition points. 

Gradientech's technology explainer animation
microsystem medical device blueprint illustration


The main part of our collaboration was to produce an animation. The animation explains Gradientech’s technology, in a simple, effective and compelling way. It is aimed to be used both on the clients website, trade shows, meetings and other marketing channels.  


Microfluidics explainer illustration


Big part of the animation was the explanation of the linear gradient formation, the core technology of Gradientech. Although its flagship application is ultra-rapid susceptibility testing (with antibiotics gradient), the technology can successfully be used for other applications like chemotaxis (cell migration towards the chemo-attractant) and angiogenesis (blood vessel growth towards the chemo-attractant).

The animation also contains comparison of Gradientech’s technology with other available testing technologies showcasing it unique preposition points.


technology comparison_illustration
bacteria colony
Angiogenesis animation
Chemotaxis animation
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